Theron: Oliver! don’t scare the cat or dog. Do you have enough money to buy a new cat or dog? I don’t think so…so go away. [THESE ARE LIVE ANIMALS]

K:”Where did you put such and such mom?” ME: I put it away I did not hide it K:”are you kiddin’ mom? or joking with me?” ME: No really. I just put it away where it belonged K:”I have no idea where to look.”    ME: I gather that since nothing gets put away here…

why do kids stomaches never register as full?!

while watching the original superman, my youngest went CRAZY at the sight of the suit. I have never seen anything like it.

how do you explain that when you clobber your brother and then say oh i love you does not fix it and that is why you now have a bloody lip….but no worries, i am sure he loves you too…

One child screaming…the other simply states…I told him no sword fighting, then I showed him….Well, i believe justice has been served.

i have lost my mind…just handed my triplets a maracas, a tamborine and a hand clapper…do you know what noise is…stop by i will school you.

The Price of Cheese just went up!!!!

okay, green & gold pancakes for breakfast, have on a pair of green pants & gold sweater, green and gold lunch (ice cream too) and now green and gold peppers for my fajitas…without dad here this weekend, i say that mom is trying and making a bold attempt for the kids to be excited today.

went for a ride last night. Kids asking why do they still have Xmas lights on their house?” as we are seeing more than a few houses with lights. I start to answer – and Katie chimes in – maybe they were bad and are still waiting for presents…

I say Good Morning kids…where is mama’s IV for coffee. and on eof my small humans replied, can you spell that? Keep in mind they can not.oliver in the car, to his brother…hey are you planning something? are you planning to bite me? out of the clear blue.

in the shower: katie please don’t dig in my drawer…get out. katie: i am not doing anything. Me: what do i say everyday? katie: stay out of my drawer. but that is why i don’t hear you.

i ask all the time: is that a good choice? i guess they do listen, at least to the phrase. Oliver talking to his sisters (this a.m.) who were playing with a toy of Theron’s that he surely would not want them to: he says “i am going to tell Theron when he gets home from school. that is a good choice.”

i have found that being stuck indoors is not good for the mind, it makes you repeat things. i asked my kiddos to help pick up our indoor mess and they said, mom you already said that once today…

loves when your two year old brings you something yelling mama i found it i found it…first you pause panic’d about what it is he found and then you realize as he hands you an iphone (whew)…you did not know that this particular item was lost…

question just asked: mom do (should have been does) a princess get cold? i replied sure…why don’t they ever have sleeves…i was stumped a bit and said, well…they have thick linings in those big dresses…

has to say the Naples wine festival was a delicious event on so many levels….great time! and they raised 12 million dollar for the

for some reason i feel like my kids don’t hear me? do you think it is their ears?

trying to get ready upstairs to leave the house with all- can hear a kid in the powder room YELLING. i ask when i get down by the powder room – what is he yelling about? (door open, kids playing RIGHT THERE) oh he wants toliet paper…SERIOUSLY? NO ONE can help him????aRgH!

! (next year maybe i should use my own! (kids))

I love seriously love cotton candy! Especially a restaurant that brings it to you after a five star meal! And to watch your brother stick it wine? Priceless

has soo much to do. i wish i could clone myself…and one half does the fun stuff while the other half has the kids…fun being grocery shopping, packing and maybe a few personal errands. but alas…i will do all after kids go to bed 🙂

mom you know yesterday when i was wearing my jacket with the seat belts…it helped me float in the hot tub. yes it is called a life jacket. A what? a life jacket. No, no it is not a super hero thing, mom, i mean the jacket- it just floats and has seat belts…fine you win oliver.

my morning…first we got stuck in the carpool lane then i realized we were late for another school (hence the drop off of kid A,being late to school A) and then – the ever great…mom I have a bloody nose! to turn and look and BLOOD everywhere…should i keep going on my day? 🙂 upside starbucks!

i neep a nap. it is very obvious! 🙂 i am pretty sure i am sizing up small kids into who would be tender, and they are being nice even. whew.

good gravy! i do not have a sleep walker. i have a sleep picker. seriously this kid must go nuts on his nose at night! now with the dry weather, it was like a murder scene (mostly just him) i am so proud…yep just so so proud

First time ever using self clean on stove a) p.u b) I think the fumes have dazed my kids they are cleaning and being nice!

fighting over the vacuum how long can this last?

you really have to come mom. two of something broke…great start to the day 🙂

my kiddos just learned what it means to tell mom your bored…welcome to cleaning 🙂

okay at one time i got the Viagra spam emails? now… that i have too many children and talk about drinking…i get the hip recall, hip replacement spam? who is leaking my info? 🙂

harrison this a.m. – I want to go home mommom. (I think because of the others always yelling for me, he actually thinks that is the proper way to say mom) I always wondered if they were all mine, now I know. they aren’t – because he said this while sitting in my kitchen. I told him to go for it.

pitch black. assume it is a.m. MOM, MOM. MOM..yes?(without opening my eyes twice) oh, you took to long i forgot. hey want to do something?

at what age do they take kids at boarding school? and how often are they allowed to call home? I have heard more then (than) enough fighting today as well as the name MOM. THIS is why people drink and why wild animals eat their young.

ME: hop to it. get jammies on. REPLIES: one says: your jammies are not on. another says: i think they are. ME: i say no they are workout pants. remember i went to the gym- silent stares…crickets…then finally one says. i can’t hop to it my one leg is so broken…{whew. got out of the gym conversation, and why if go to the gym, i look like this – but my brownies rock}

oliver: “can i have gum?” me: no. oliver:”no i asked if i could have pink gum.” me: um, the answer is still no.

overheard: ollie go ask for a treat from mom and keep your smile up

asked how long is to long to go without bathing? reply:” i am not smelling other than butt and feet, mama”…mmm great we got another day to go! bring on the wine and let’s sit back down.

Sunday morning daze…coffee, ignoring kids…words overheard that bring you RIGHT back – Stand back Ollie this this could hurt you – HUH? what???

‎2 playing in the playroom. one comes up crying…”he says he is going to come up and use the potty and leave me down there alone, I don’t want to be alone down there”… Me: where is he now? “down there by himself.” does anyone else understand my glue eaters?

happy to say goodbye to the holiday. waaayyy to happy this year to get rid of this stuff. it was a super rough one…oliver did not like me saying that and said, well we can get gifts without holidays. yes yes we can! 🙂

happy new year to you all. may your new year be filled with less stress, more hugs and less strange smells (wait that is just my kids) looking forward!

ah the sound of early morning and drums…oliver says they make his butt and head hurt…butt because mama the drums make me shake…(dance)

‎9th? Day of Christmas… They made out, 9 ladies dancing! I just got another vomiting child. And with that 9 loads of laundry since said child acts like I speak a different language when asked to aim for a bucket.

anyone ever do something like a nice treat or a special thing for your “Nice” kids only after doing this nice thing…you realize your kids are not nice and your regret it? ugh. yeah. stop by today to high five me…i am so there. 😉

only my children would refuse to get dressed…they are running amuck here/ all half naked…and i can’t feel my fingers? seriously they can not be mine.

okay, they are starving. yes – trying to find “gift” ideas, i can not deny them food any longer. yes. yes i am a super parent.

Ah girls. 2:42 one comes in whining – Joe says what? She bursts into tears and then only now is clear, dad u hurt my feelings. From asking what while half asleep??? Now crying loud for all the house to hear. Can not wait til high school…

child getting frustrated with reading..i saw something to “help” he lashes out i say, fine you can read with dad…all of a sudden…he is super sweet to mom. what must reading with dad be like?

My daughter stuck a pipe cleaner in an outlet earlier this afternoon! Burnt her fingers! Loudest ZAP ever, had melted pipe cleaner fuzz on her fingers. She is okay, (I feel soo lucky, I freaked) BUT-how can I tell she is okay? well she says she can & does stop crying for m&m’s. (ps- she did this while i was getting her siblings snow pants off…dang winter)

mom. if i get dressed, it is day right? yes…well then can we have cookies? well it is day, it is still only 8:10

i want and did not get a turn with what ollie has…oh, is that a marker? ohhh – so easily distracted

is amazed how a child can come to you – with HUGE tears because their sibling took something from them…and then in the middle of their “tale” turn to the sibling next to them and grab something from them as they walk by- setting a whole another child into tears…is it to early for kahula in my coffee

i have not bought a single gift. that is not to say i have not thought of a zillion ideas of what i want…how sad is that? side note: st. nick came last night and the loud scream heard this morning…MOM, we got new jammies in our big socks.

Kiddo it is time to practice spelling…Okay, mom you get a beer and I will write all the words with my eyes closed? I HAVE NO RESPONSE HERE. WHERE would that even come from? PLUS we had pancakes for dinner, beer? beer and – oh wait I do that on homecoming…

ah, home alone…wait no…just me and the 5 humans, a dog, cat and three fish…almost alone joe is gone.

up and semi productive…semi. the kids are quiet…that can only mean one thing…

‎1 week ago we buried my best friend. Today I smiled over seeing Danny, talking about her and her grandkids with extra large GUM balls. I will end my day with a toast (s), to my good friends, my good family, my good fortune to have both, and lastly to MY good (great) Mother.

hey theron just because i cry & yell does not make me a baby- wait {huge whine/cry} MOM am i a BABBBBEEEE?? – uh….i plead the fifth.

super halloween – but halloween on a sunday night makes for GOULISH monday mornings…

classic line today: Today i don’t know what we are having for dinner, but i am sure i want something else….-katie

best idea yet-okay, maybe, well not – small kids, bikes, training wheels and wind…did i mention a heavy heavy wind- at their backs….and NO those are not screams of de-light!

katie wrote a note to our fairy. i asked what it said…she says…well, i talked about harrison and i told her i loved her the best that i can.

this morning’s score: times outs ABUNDANT….and parents still 0

stella says what is with these pants, i have no butt…

my pantry sometimes turns into – the abyss….with so many hands going in and opening things. i think that i need to put an alarm on the door. to say that stuff is everywhere….is hardly scratching the surface.

harrison loves to get water from fridge…as he is now…katie says. mom what is with this kid?

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