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weekend update…

I had the privelage to attend the Bucket List Bash – a Benefit for the American Cancer Society in Naples, Florida over the weekend. It was a real eye opener on so many levels for me. Let me begin. I … Continue reading

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Small things that make me frown…

As I sat today in my kitchen I realized life is pretty good. All my little humans except the smallest monkey were in school today! I went to Target – oh Target I love you so. I tried to think … Continue reading

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Gas Station Gyros

I try like crazy to eat well. TRY being the keyword. With the amount of kids and the time that it takes some days,  it does not happen every meal. I hate to admit this but I love Gyros. There … Continue reading

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Excuse me, I am at 10x

Okay, I had every good intention of writing a decent blog today/tonight…well, Let me explain what went down. Over the last week I developed a goiter on my chin. I have been lucky, I have had okay skin ( other … Continue reading

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Sharing/hoarding a fine line…

Can I have this? Is this mine? Can I have it all to my own self? These are questions I hear all day, every day. I am amazed that we can have a zillion toys but they all want what … Continue reading

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A Shower, Self-esteem and Kids

I have always struggled with esteem. I am not sure what it is but, it has always alluded me. It does not help, that I am really shy (believe or not) and self conscious. With that being said, I am finding … Continue reading

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Excuse me, while I get my phone out of it’s bag…

and ah, please hold for my phone to sync to the satellite. Seriously, we have this ongoing argument in this house regarding cell phones. I am sure that most of you are rolling your eyes, since you do not even … Continue reading

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Really, I am stuck watching NOVA? Better you than me.

So, it was a snow day here…who would have guessed that after 70,000 inches of snow we would have a snow day. The new twist was that school was called the night before, so I with that knowledge, drank wine … Continue reading

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a Disease or Playroom clean up duty?

There is a reason that wild animals live in dens full of dirt. Because they never has to ask their young ones to clean up. When you ask my kiddos to clean you would be amazed how “bloken” all their … Continue reading

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