Which about do you want to know about? me as a mother of 5? me as a mother of triplets? me as a mother of girls? me as a mother of boys? me as a wife? me as a friend? me as a wine drinker? me as a foodie? me as a crafter? me as a designer? me as a crap picker upper? me and my decorating passion? me and my pet love hate relationships? me as a motherless girl? me and my feelings about cancer and how they made me a motherless girl (yes, i am 39). me and my family? me and my siblings? me and the snow? me and my love for a pedicure? me and my face cream obession? me and my want for chickens? me and my life? me and my smile? whew…me as a janitor, lawyer, dictator, listener, lover, laugher….go ahead ask me.

I happen to love my kids, my husband (he is a pretty good guy – but don’t tell him), and love life…that is why you can not take it so seriously.

3 Responses to ME

  1. beth says:

    okay you funny girl you…..
    who knew you were a face cream lover, too…
    actually i like the term whore if someone’s going to talk about what i love… can i call you a face cream whore, too ?

  2. Stacy says:

    I want to know more about being a wine drinker.

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