Social Media – Can we get good from it?

Over the last year I have thought about all the uses of social media – I have more recently had more thoughts due to the death of a social media princess. Peaches Geldof has passed. Many of you are like who? Well, as one old pal put it – I saw this and remembered your unhealthy obsession with her father and thought of you – ha ha!” It is true. NOT the unhealthy part but when I was 14 I started following everything the Geldof family had done and would do. (yes the rest of you followed “cooler” people…but, I digress ) This was hard and wild back then since there was no internet – gasp! AND they would give me a  zillion things to follow since then. Good, Bad and just life. I have been following Peaches from her teen years and in the last few as a mother, wife, and found her so interesting. I joined Instagram to follow her years back 🙂

My point…now that she has passed she has exploded. Just like other stars do when they pass. Larger then life on social media. While some of us grieve her – not because we thought we knew her but because her Instagram account was fun, real (parts were), it was motherhood, rock and roll…and it was always there to look at during slow times of my day. I liked hearing the accents, I liked seeing her messy kids, her house, her pets and thought it was great she took her kids outside, parks, showered them with kisses etc…

In the end did social media kill her? Do we only put up things that make us look good? Is that to hard to live up to once it is out there? Behind all the posts, photos are we still lonely and afraid or dealing with problems to ugly to post? I have friends who post things that are amazing – their families do amazing things, their kids are amazing. Enter real world competition. Does it make ME feel like I have to do the same?  I am sure if your competitive it does. Me? NO. I am far to lazy. I am guessing it could make you feel stressed, or like your failing. Me? nO> My kids are no prizes. I love and adore them. Do they make me cry? Yes, sometimes. Do I feel overwhelmed by wash – always! Do I loathe the dishwasher – YES. Do me and husband fight? Duh. Do I feel the need to hide and act like everyday is wonderland. NO. But I do not think that I am the norm. I think that people see things and put out “better” things. How hard must that be to be “on” all the time. What does that take from your family in real life? How tiring.

I have followed so many blogs – famous ones – everything is rosy and they have a few “bumps” then boom they are divorced from their spouse and don’t want to talk about it and go on writing flowers and sunshine. They don’t mention their spouse is out of work, screams all the time, their kids are eating crap food and having fits…etc…That is so hard to live up to you take everything for REAL they say. You are having a horrible day and they have redone a room in perfect Pinterest style in an hour – seriously?

We say all this has media made us different – people are more fake than ever. I am not sure. I can agree and disagree. In some blog/post cases definitely yes. Life is not all that perfect EVERYDAY.  Do I see the false things around me YES. I would like to think that it has some positive too. I think that maybe others take it in a good way – they are pushed to live the truth and are pushed to do better – is that bad? If I know others are doing stuff – i.e.: taking kid to the park – do I feel the need to go because it makes me look good or do I go because – “hey, you know that is a good idea.” – in honesty I do neither. BUT, I would like to think that some people watch social media and get a good thing from it, they are the “hey we have not done the park lately, after seeing that – yes, let’s do it”. They do try new things and try to be better parents, better people, do random acts of kindness, a craft that is not something they would do, but looks fun.

Is today any different then the age people knew your status because you had a fur? Your kids had sweet petticoats? You knew your social status by what people had on and what jewels and how their kids dressed. By what is at the bake sale. Now, you know it came directly from Pinterest 🙂 Now days, people dress more the same – in my town at least – or in the airport anyway – HECK everyone in the airport, has airport wear on  – Lululemon. Are we followers yes, but now it is harder to see who who’s. There are no furs around here. Does social media make us try harder to do different. Is it sometimes not about doing different to outdo one another but to stand out on our own? Is it something that we can use to not feel alone with dishes to the ceiling.

I just want to think that it does has a positive side.

I would like to say – in down times/plain times: like a death or lost pet or child rearing issue, wanting to buy something – Social media can rock. When I felt lost without my mom, people were there, immediately… My cousin is starting a board for people who lost moms…we are not alone…that is classic people helping people. When a recent family member lost a pet, a few posts spread like wildfire and the pet was found. When buying a new bed – many have great insights. This is the good stuff, Right? We should remember not to use it to jump conclusions, spread bad things, or just to impress. Long lost friends reunite. Families can see cousins grow, see when an aunt is on vacation and feel that they know their family, even if 1,000 miles apart. And sometimes it is just fun. Pinterest is just a modern magazine at times when we are some place and can’t look through one.

I hope today you speak a bit of the truth today at least once before you mod podge a chair and think of a positive use of social media – a random act of kindness (even if it is just saying something sweet on someone’s photo or page).

– and yes, I will try today too…but,  I will also continue to watch and find out what happened to Peaches. Because that is sometimes what I do – watch.


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i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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