SPIRIT is a word that automatically brings UP a feeling. When you hear it. It almost feels like you have to feel something. (now now…what you may feel is a small amount of heartburn from such sweetness, bare with me) I swear it is true. It may not be the ones that the cheer squads have (never had that type, I am pretty sure my family would have snuffed that spirit from me if i was peppy annoying), it may not be the one of a dying person taking their last breath, but I swear it feels like something.


We all have spirit. It is something we have with us all the time. There are times you are a happy spirit, and then there is the dark cloud of a spirit. Take a moment to think of someone anyone and then say the word spirit. It most likely conjures a vision of something – spirit. Yes, even if you wear blue blockers!

I am hung up on this…because I have been low on spirit – the month of November kicked my arse and some. Missing my mom, sick kids, long days… I took to completely feeling sorry for myself at times: things learned:  A) feeling sorry for yourself great for one’s spirit (NOT)  b) really lame tv is on c) your hygiene can go to pot (not that kind…toothbrushing, then again…) but on the upside  you have d)  you can wear crappy pants all day, and be okay with it. Seriously. One thing after another, that darn November got me!

I told myself that as December started I would not be so quick to let it get to me. So here it is day 5 and can honestly say – going well. (no fingers crossed even when saying that)

AND with my thinking of a way to stay on top of it, I have been looking/stalking/ watching spirit.

Spirit can be found in simple places – such as on Pinterest, when a great quotes lifts up your spirits. It can be found as your child says something that can go either way on the spirit chart. I mean it – some days I could eat each one of them. I’d learn to live with the heartburn – gladly.  Other days I watch them, and realize they are so FULL of spirit in good ways – loving, giggling, innocent, happy, believing.

I watched my son at an appointment the other day – laughing inside to myself – spirit. He is one way at home, and there – he sat full of “spirit”. Grinning at the people, smirking, smiling as they asked him questions and doing this little sweet face…it is his spirit that plays people to just love him. All the while at home, his spirit is more – well impish. You can have in any given moment, varieties of spirits in a home, especially with kids. I had one child tonight – who, well, his spirit was broken. Feeling bad about friends etc…and then after fun with siblings and an outing was somewhat RE-spirited on life. (IN the meantime my spirit hurt for him, now better as well).kids

I sat at a girl’s night out recently, awing at all the SPIRITS (and spirits – sip sip) going on in the room. All so different but in some ways so completely the same – whether we want to think it is true or not. Mothers, wives, friends, sisters, daughters, aunts…moving, talking, being. Keeping positive, doing what we can for us, others, holidays…our spirits effecting/affecting one another. Helping and greeting one another

Spirit is the thing that makes you say –I am tired. It is the thing that when your down and you hear someone else’s story. You want to help. It is the thing you get when you feel depleted and go to do something even if it is for yourself that you walk way feeling rejuvenated. It is the story from a person about laxatives & attending Pilates while experiencing the laxative- that just makes you laugh and laugh. Filling your SPIRIT…oh and of course…learn that it is a bad bad combination. Dangerous and dirty.


It is reading a good book or seeing a movie that you don’t want to end because it fills you so and when it does end, feeling empty because what will you read or see next that will fill you the same.

Spirit is the holidays – alive & thinking of others. Wanting & wishing you could do more & give more –  often. To feel the SPIRIT all year.

It is the things you get from a phone call – a good friend that makes you feel warm and remembered.  Having a glass of wine and a fire…warm spirits. It is the walk across the street to share a glass of wine, swap laughs, stories. It is sitting in bed on a sunday am with kids watching cartoons. It is a good cry in the shower missing someone…all these things make up our spirits.


Spirits are pretty AMAZING. In all ways. MY spirit is ALIVE thinking about it. I love when I can indulge in spirits and babble about the internal ones too.

May your spirits greet you tomorrow with a FEELING, whatever it maybe go with it…but don’t linger to long…it will change again. Or do what you can – give a shout out…and hope if nothing else – someone brings you SPIRITS (in any form).

About snotarant

i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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