Progression –
I just keep thinking that about that. From daily progressions to BIG life ones. The life ones. The ones that make you stop and go, really? This is how it goes?

My examples of life/small/big:

made to wear one,  refuse to wear one because not cool, wear one to hide hair, won’t leave the house without one – why would we,  it is cold out.

can’t wait to feel old enough to wear one, wearing one only by “snapping it in the front and turning it around, to wearing one to appear bigger/attractive, then hate to put one on, have to wear one or you will trip on your parts, finally can not wear one can’t reach to hook it.

want a ton. want to be a part of a big group. want all different ones (that way you have more people to go drinking with, fall backs, from different classes that way each day of the week someone can stay out) Next you want that great wedding, need all friends,  we all hit the stage of can’t tell old/new ones …good from bad. Feeling used by the group. Wanting only a few pals – the ones that are married, or have kids the ones who get it, you can’t always get out or call. Now, you crave or want one/two small group that understand the loss of your mother, a bad day and can make you smile. Finally – you want at least one just to feel like you belong, finally your own group.

Then there are the BIG life ones. Losing a parent, marriage, kids, getting older, 

In your life you think – “I can not ever imagine living without my parents.” You are afraid that they will die. THEY can NOT die. No. Then you go through the age that you think my parents know nothingNOTHING. They don’t get it and you cannot wait to get away from them. Then, you can’t believe your parents and you have not been best friends this way my whole life? In fact, you at times are semi bummed that you never knew you could have so much fun together. They are blast. Next you have kids and think how did my parents never kill me if this is what it is like? Then you lose a parent and you think – I don’t think that I can live without my mom. Then one day you wake up and think “wow she gave me a lot to be thankful for”. You strive and  hope to give to your kids at least a glimpse of what you did as a kid, were taught. And it turns out the parent(s) you have left are awesome and you should not forget they are there. They are not going anywhere today. Think positive and think they are getting to be your friend now as much as your mom was (albeit a different friendship but you have the luck of sharing what you and your mom did or some silly stories) but it is a  great relationship and you see a bright future (all the while still missing your mom – but there is the reason she gave you the “tools” she did).

Progression sometimes are or come from being positive? Which way does it go for you? Do you see the progressions in big ways? Only in small? Do think negative about the small ones and long for the big ones? Or is it all the same? Some of the things in life as you progress go better if your positive.

Every given day is different for me. Some days it is the simple : I got up. I got coffee. I got the kids to school (would like to add, that there are days that I wish they would give out lollipops & stickers that said I survived drop off but that is another days story). I got the wash done…so on: I properly picked at my face, got rid of those crazy hairs…surfed pinterest…you know the important stuff. I think that this is part of being Positive. As long as you see things in a positive light – the little things seem like big progressions in your day/life.

With that in mind, today I am thinking of the progressions going on in my life. My husband has been working hard on some projects – he is progressing – moving forward. My kids are progressing – their fighting is less ? No not that, let me pick another, they stick less things up their noses! WhEw I knew I could find one, they actually can let the dog out and back in. Myself.  My progression is working on being more positive, and  I liking myself a bit more. Well, with the exception of the usual – body, hairs, ear lobes, pasty skin etc…but in general. Today I like the silly in me. I like that I sat and talked to my kids all the while glueing three bags worth of conversation hearts to a styrofoam cone for a decoration. That is just a silly thing to do. (I refers to the glueing  – not the talking to my kids – but then again I do have one sassy sad child today and not talking to her could be a positive. You know those days where your little people just sit and whine/cry about eVeRythIng )

I don’t have to be hip or cool. I don’t always have to be all serious and  know the answers. I know that I am silly, I like DUMB things. And well that is just fine, today. Growing up is a progression but today – I will stay in this mood of recognizing that I have progressed to be me, me today. This is called POSITIVE PROGRESSION. Right? I can give myself a clinical diagnosis today. That makes me even more Progressive. And Positive

Hoping for positive thoughts and progression to you – whether it be BIG or small.

About snotarant

i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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