the THINGS we are suppose teach our kids…

Okay we all know the standard list of things that your suppose to instill in your youngins’ once you become parents (eating, using the bathroom, not swearing)…but what about a few other things, like:

please and thank you (more candy pllllleeeeassseee)

don’t chew with your mouth full (so much to say here, but have to finish my coffee, and toast to type)

salt & pepper are table travelling partners (if you were to ask me about our “formal” dinners growing up. I would share there was money to be made here. If you got thru the meals completely on tack you were great AND a few bucks richer…I would also share by the time I hit high school graduation I was already in debt, due to my lack on being on tack.)

how to do homework  (bless my mom on this – she was great at fixing last-minute problems…ie: having my pillow made for me – yes you read that right – she had someone make my home ec pillow…I got an extra great grade since we had not learned how to do lace…Great right 🙂 )

How to be honest (or in my case my mom would have been found saying – “Jen, just  play the game, stop being so stubborn” – “Jen, if your going to continue to lie about where you have been at least get your story straight with others”- “Jen, a raccoon did not jump on the car…(side story – right after I got my license I took out my mom’s car, we lived in the country, I hit the break, gas & the radio all at once sped off the driveway under the barbed wire and BOOM into the corn field. The car windows were open – the car was filthy, full of corn and the paint well had new barbed wire stripes…I being the WORST liar – told my parents a rabid raccoon attacked the car and I freaked out hence the damage and me going into the corn field – true story I said…well? it could happen? EEE yeah they believed that.)

how to show empathy – like when a sibling falls off the skate board you have been dragging behind the back of a four-wheeler you look at the wound and ouch,- sorry – wanna do that again? all the while knowing your going whip the heck out of said sibling again…

How to share – again another four-wheel story – let’s throw rocks at the person driving and if they fall well turns up – sharing/ hey I have the chicken pox – wanna sit with me/ Hey, thanks for  trick or treating with me – wanna divide up candy – oh I am sooo in love with these bottle caps (wink wink) fine I will give you these for that FULL size candy bar — sharing.

how to tie our shoes – or tie things and people to one another

who to call for things – I am out of money, I have had my car towed, later in life it is better, you do not call so much for things you need but just to share things – my hearts been broken, I have been dumped, I am getting married, I am having a baby! I miss mom.

how to puke IN a bucket/toilet – this is a new one that just occurred to me. kids just spin their heads like a bad movie…and even if you put a bucket next to them they act like they are about to explode instead of just sitting up and turning their head towards that direction…it DRIVES me crazy. This is a skill much like a fire drill I may start making us practice ? once a month? an alarm will go off and they will have to sit up and pretend to puke towards a bucket…not the wall – while on the top bunk and then spinning all around the room. I know where that scene came from in the Exorcist. Someone had a small child that had the flu for SURE.

 what is right and wrong to eat – it is okay to find & eat candy at 7 am as long as no one finds you – then it is wrong.

When you start to type it – it is overwhelming with all the things you have to teach your kids…the basics and the things you never realized (i.e: throwing up properly). It gets to a point you just have to pick ONE item a day to work on. Yes, you do a ton of these all day long but I talking – really concentrating on one thing a day.  So today it will be FETCHING/PICKING UP. This will be for toys, shoes, clothing, food, but mainly COFFEE today because the puking properly soooo failed last night…..

About snotarant

i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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