Give me an hour…


with kids/without kids? kids on their own? me with just adults…You guess what is what (or which is which)?

make it through 1 store.

make it through several stores and cause a whole different kind of “damage”.

Unroll a roll of toilet paper.

Break the dishwasher.

Fill up the sink and wash all things that are not waterproof.

Apply makeup.

Realize you need to apply makeup.

destroy the only  thing left in your house that is breakable.

Put a whole in the wall.

Play drums.

Download stuff.

Online shop. (This one is not what you think)

Cry and fight.

Do laundry and put it away.

Make a pile of laundry.



Miss someone.

Drink Coffee / Tea/ Milk.

Work out.

Come up with a reason not to work out.

Brush hair/cut nails.

Bathe/Shower/Clean bodies.

Realize I miss blogging.




Paint nails.

Clean out a closet.

read a book.

Play angry birds.

Play cars, dress up


I am going to be back…in an hour

About snotarant

i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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