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Give me an hour…

JUST ONE HOUR… with kids/without kids? kids on their own? me with just adults…You guess what is what (or which is which)? make it through 1 store. make it through several stores and cause a whole different kind of “damage”. … Continue reading

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My A.M so far…

I woke up last night (This is a real rant post, be prepared)…. at 3:30 dreaming about my mom – it was not a good one…I COULD not go back to sleep…and never did. Then got up….this morning soooo tired. … Continue reading

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Nature walk…maybe to much nature

Okay. Last weekend my crew went for a walk. A nature walk. Let me tell you about how we roll…. we find every puddle. we find every stick. we find cool pieces of ice. we can fight even in nature. … Continue reading

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Funny thing…

I love to read. I read anything and all things. I know that when someone hears that they will automatically say – is it books? Are the kind you HOLD & turn the pages? – well, for the record – … Continue reading

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Small ponders…

I love… When a celebrity says they have had no plastic surgery – don’t believe in it – & only eat raw foods…yet, they have bigger and “happier”¬†boobs then 20 years ago. When a celebrity tells you how they sit … Continue reading

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