Harrison needs a diaper change…

I was doing something in the kitchen and could hear on the monitor that my youngest was waking up.

I then heard a sibling of his enter his room and talk sweet. Ahhhh, I thought, what a nice moment between two kids.

I then heard the two of the them jumping in the crib…Laughing and again thought, sweet moment…

THEN heard a gasp, and a EWWWWWWW

I go up.

I can smell the room before I get in it.

Older sibling says to me : Harrison has a dirty diaper.

I say: really?  (thinking duh?) how do you know? ( I so should know better at this point…)

Older sibling proceeds to PUT his hand out and with that shows me!!!!


I say – what did you do?

he says: well,  I checked his diaper, and yep, there is poop SEE!



About snotarant

i am a janitor, maid, haus frau, mother to a five pack, a listener, a hugger, a sigher, a happier, a wine lover, a foodie, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a wife, a mother, a triplet mom, pedicure lover, a hugger, a crier, and sometimes just me... AND beware. I write like I talk...a little - well un-correct.
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