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Keep your hands to yourself/stop touching stuff…

In my house the two phrases KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF & STOP TOUCHING “STUFF” are said more than one time a day okay more like a zillion times a day. AND for more than one reason: Kids fighting. Keeping dad … Continue reading

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Does it seem when you spend a week or weekend with the whole family the time passes fast? or is it slow? As I have observed both in the last week/weekend. Yet, I have to quickly add in that Monday … Continue reading

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Spring Break…and it is only Wednesday

This week is spring break. So far – 5 icky feeling kids. Snow. Ice. Broken Toliet. Broken Dishwasher. Can’t get into my blog. The Dog ran away (can you  blame her) and well now I have a rash on my … Continue reading

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weekend update…

I had the privelage to attend the Bucket List Bash – a Benefit for the American Cancer Society in Naples, Florida over the weekend. It was a real eye opener on so many levels for me. Let me begin. I … Continue reading

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A quick Debriefing on winter

First off…I am one proud owner of a NEW phone. Who ever said my kids have super “wearing” down power…now know where it comes from. I was an endless in my pursuit. So because of this, there is no doubt … Continue reading

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will power? right…

Is it just me? I have no will power when it comes to certain things. I will give the example of diet. I am trying to lose weight and have been going to the gym….BUT once I decide to only … Continue reading

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My dog is louder than your dog.So there.

Okay, we like many got a dog before kids. Actually I can give you a brief inside on my pet ownership. I really wanted a bunny when we got married. TURNS out after that brief encounter of meeting one – … Continue reading

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Harrison needs a diaper change…

I was doing something in the kitchen and could hear on the monitor that my youngest was waking up. I then heard a sibling of his enter his room and talk sweet. Ahhhh, I thought, what a nice moment between … Continue reading

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