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from Latin procrastinat- ‘deferred until tomorrow,’ from the verb procrastinare, from pro- ‘forward’ +crastinus ‘belonging to tomorrow’ This is a word that LOOMS in every household. I am sure of it. YOU yourself may not procrastinate, but then again are you sure? I like to think that I am … Continue reading

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life is a box of chocolates

I am sure that any given day we can all look at our kids, and/or spouses and think…am I really related to Forest Gump? Whether it be that your kids pretend not to hear you or understand you….Which I feel … Continue reading

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Dialated Eyes…

I would love to write a bunch of stories tonight… One about the woman at the reception desk at the eye clinic I had to go to today. The nice lady asked me to review my information…and then …verify my … Continue reading

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Small things that make me frown…

As I sat today in my kitchen I realized life is pretty good. All my little humans except the smallest monkey were in school today! I went to Target – oh Target I love you so. I tried to think … Continue reading

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trying times…

I know, I know! I post that and it looks like I might jump into all the on-goings in Wisconsin. NO!! I maybe ill but not dumb. My idea of a trying time is this week, this house. I have a … Continue reading

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Sleep? Don’t forget to visit my house.

I love when people tell me how they nap during the day. It slays me. I would give anything to have a nap on any given day – but today it would be super appreciated. I can tell I am … Continue reading

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Noise level? hmmm, I did not hear anything…

I am reminded today,  Valentines day, of the noise level my kids are capable of.  It is crazy and more often uncontrollable. There are days I see someone with a hearing aid and am slightly envious. To be able to turn … Continue reading

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